Health Care Without Medicare

An important new practice manual for health care professionals, social workers and long-term care advisors.

by Joseph A. Jackson, LICSW

About This Book

In Health Care Without Medicare, Joseph A. Jackson describes the essential knowledge and skills of Community LifeCare Planning (CLCP). Jackson’s CLCP model offers a new method of practice for community-based care planning and care management for frail-elderly, disabled, and chronically-ill individuals. A student of the health care and long-term care systems, Jackson combines the viewpoints of all the members in the lifecare team − including health care, finance, estate planning, and counseling professionals − to teach a new approach to caring for consumers of the greatest portion of high-tech, institution-based health care.

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Staying Home, Staying Well

The HomeCare Planner’s seven-step planning guide is a must for:

  • Providers
  • Consumers
  • Families
  • Professionals

by Joseph A. Jackson, LICSW

About This Workbook

In Staying Home, Staying Well: A Home Care Planning Guide, Joseph A. Jackson describes the seven basic steps to establishing a successful home care plan. Jackson’s model blends care planning and resource planning in a simple, easy-to-follow course of action. Jackson draws on years of experience in arranging and managing home health care to offer consumers, professionals and providers a valuable tool in helping home care clients achieve their most-often stated goals—to remain independent at home and to preserve their life savings.

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