ElderCareAdvisors / GCM

We Serve

  • Elders and their caregivers
  • The chronically ill
  • People with disabilities


  • Geriatric Care Management
  • Estate/Financial Planning Referrals
  • Architectural Barrier Modification
  • Long-Term Care Insurance Referrals
  • Counseling and Caregiver Support
  • Medicaid Applications
  • Social Security Disability (SSDI) Applications

Our Goals

  • To expand homecare choices for those with temporary or chronic personal care needs.
  • To help prevent institutional placement of those with chronic health problems.
  • To find the least restrictive alternatives when home care is not feasible.
  • To empower our clients and their caregivers by providing the highest quality support service at the lowest possible cost.

At Each Step of the Way…

We include you and your family in the care-planning process. We work closely with professionals from the legal, financial planning, insurance, and health care communities, connecting these services to ensure continuity in long-term care plans.


Our Founding Principle

“As a society, we must measure ourselves by how we care for the most vulnerable among us. In this there is no “system” to bear the responsibility we share in our communities, in our homes, and in or institutions. We ARE the system. This is the hard lesson we are learning as those who can no longer care for themselves grow in number. Person to person, we are each called to meet an unprecedented caregiving challenge. I formed ElderCare Advisors, Inc. to make a contribution to this effort.”

– Joseph A. Jackson, LICSW, President and Founder

Contact us for a complete service description. Download a free brochure. We charge on an affordable, sliding fee scale, within your means.